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The E-Zine for All Writers

Welcome to the initial issue of AllWrite Sisters E-Zine. We are two Kentucky Gals, Jean Kinsey and Becky Kelley, who enjoy writing and reading, in that order. Our purpose is to help others further their writing endeavors. Below, find excerpts from the novels on which we are currently working.

"Most people in the town of Savage, Minnesota, population 841, knew that
Sam Conner would one day kill someone." This is my (Becky)
hook sentence. All novels should start with a hook that entices readers
to go further. It also lets the reader know that this will probably be a murder/mystery.

"She was glad he couldn’t see her knees banging together beneath
her hobble skirt." The sentence I've (Jean) chosen, illustrates
both the time period, without going into a lengthy explanation, 
and shows the character's internal emotions. 

Writing Tip

Write every day, even when the muse doesn't seem to be visiting. You never know where this might lead.

Grammar Tip

To know whether a compound subject is "I" or "me", take out the first subject. Jimmy and me went skateboarding. Me went skateboarding; incorrect. I went skateboarding; correct. Therefore, Jimmy and I went skateboarding.

Writing Exercise

Finish this story;

When I was good, Uncle Jake would give me a piece of candy.