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Head Hopping- Moving from one character's head to another in one scene.

This is one of the many don't "rules" new writers are supposed to follow. Publishers discourage new writers from attempting this and only well known writers can use head hopping in their writing. I'm finishing my first novel, but I say Yes, break this rule. I used it in the first chapter when there is a lot of action happening and many characters. It lets the reader connect people and personalities right off the bat; something important for getting caught up in the story. I say use head hopping sparingly, but yes, use it!

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Jean Kinsey
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I say no. Not unless you are a well-known author. An unpublished author must listen to those in the know: editors, publishers, multi-published authors, and contest judges. They all say no way is head-hopping acceptable. And let's face it, those are the people we as writers want to please. If the writer feels she needs to jump from head to head to get her point across, there is usually another way.  In my work in progress, I need to let the reader have knowledge of what two characters are thinking.  I let character #1 look into the eyes of Character #2 and his eyes reflect his thoughts.  If we want to be published, we must follow the rules until we are famous enough to know how to break them successfully.:(


Jean Kinsey,

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